JEM Twist Twist Nozzles 22T & 23T

JEM Twist Twist Nozzles 22T & 23T - SimplyCakeCraft
JEM Twist Twist Nozzles 22T & 23T - SimplyCakeCraft

JEM Twist Twist Nozzles 22T & 23T

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These innovative nozzles from JEM feature a unique centre tube that creates a perfect open centre to add embellishments or flood fill.

Creates a deep star shaped ring.

Ideal for adding the finishing touches to cakes and cupcakes. Suitable for use with royal icing, frostings, meringue and buttercream. Can be used with disposable, fabric or parchment piping bags.


  • 20T (Top Diameter) Internal 18mm - External 20.5mm - 18 Points.
  • 21T (Top Diameter) Internal 25mm - External 30.1mm - 24 Points.

How to Use

1. Colour the buttercream as required. Place the Piping Nozzle into the Piping Bag before filling with buttercream
2. Hold the bag upright, with the nozzle touching the cupcake. Gently squeeze to release a small amount of icing.
3. Continue squeezing and st the same time twist the wrist so that the icing comes out in the opposite direction.
4. Keep squeezing as once more you twist the wrist in the opposite direction.
5. Stop squeezing and gently lift the nozzle straight up.
6. Fill the centre with a selections of sprinkles or sugar pearls
7. After use, wash in hot soapy water and dry.

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