We are still posting out orders as usual, but orders will take longer than expected to arrive, due to the worldwide pandemic. Sorry but it is beyond our control. Thank you for your custom and patience

Quick Update - March 25th 2020

Quick Update - March 25th 2020

Hey everyone, Just wanted to give you all a quick update as to what we’re doing, how we’re doing and why we’re doing it during the global pandemic that is, COVID-19.

Our shopfront is now closed, for those of you who live locally (we miss your faces, but not your germs 🦠) that means you can no longer come to browse our goods! Everything that we sell is available on our website which, as you’re reading this, you’re already on it 😊 so please feel free to browse away! As of today we are stopping our click and collect service. This has been a hard decision to make, but we think it is the safest option for you as well as us. You can of course still order it directly to your home though.

For our online-only shoppers, everything for you guys is pretty much unchanged, we’re still posting out orders every day as usual. We only have a workforce of 7 in the busiest of times, but because of Coronavirus we’re down to only having 2 people in the office/unit/warehouse at a time maximum and that’s only when they’re from the same household of course! Currently, the two owners, Tony & Lesley, are the ones running around doing absolutely all of the heavy lifting 💪

Thank you so much for your continued support, many businesses are in danger from this pandemic, but with the announced government support we’re optimistic about making it through to the other side and it wouldn’t be possible without your help too!

Stay Safe

The Whole SimplyCakeCraft Team

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  • Luke Quinton
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  • alayna

    you are all doing amazing, keep up the good work! I need to think about what I need to order and get my skates on so I have enough time for it to be delivered, you know me last minute Larry 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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