Everything You Need To Know About Cake Mixes

Everything You Need To Know About Cake Mixes

Are Cake Mixes Vegan?

Cakes, in general, are not vegan and that is generally due to the fact that some of their main components are butter, eggs & sometimes milk. For the cake mixes that we stock - Wrights Cake Mixes - they put whole dried egg & whey powder in, I think, all of their cake mixes so they are not vegan.

Some of the cheaper mixes such as Betty Crocker & Duncan Hines’ cake mixes however require you to add the eggs and the milk yourself when you go to make it. So you could buy a cheaper brands cake mix and add a vegan egg & milk replacement instead.

Can Cake Mixes Go Bad/Off?

Cake mixes will not go bad for a long time and you can use them for a fair amount of time after their best before date has elapsed (most cake mixes come with 4-6 months before passing their best before date).

The two issues you may encounter if your cake mix is quite old will be:

  1. The oils in the mix have turned rancid, which you would smell in the dry mix before even baking, in which case you should throw it away.
  2. The leavening agents may have become ineffective and prevent the cake from rising. This would be the case if your cake mix is 1+ years old. You can add 1 tsp of fresh baking powder per 500g to your mixture to solve this issue.

Ideally, it is best to use before it passes its BB to get the tastiest possible cake!

Can Cake Mixes Be Frozen?

While you are certainly more than welcome to freeze your cake mix, it is a dry store product and will, therefore, do best in a cool & dry place. Moisture is a cake mixes worst enemy when it comes to storing it for a long time, And moisture resides in your freezer!

The Cake mix that we sell, once baked into a cake is suitable for home freezing, however.

What Cake Mix Is The Best?

This is a difficult choice to make & we are most definitely biased towards the cake mix that we stock - Wrights Cake Mixes

We’ve sold A LOT of it & it always gets rave reviews. We often get told that people can’t tell the difference and we agree!

Cake Mix or Scratch?

This is a topic of hot debate! We’ve actually posed this question on our SimplyCake Help Facebook page before & the comments got pretty… heated.

There are of course pros & cons to both. Many, many pros & cons in fact, so many so this question could probably be a blog post by itself and maybe it will be in the future.

If you’re a beginner, need to make a cake FAST or you just want the best product from the least effort then Wrights Cake Mixes are your dream!

If however you are professional cake maker, want to be able to make your cakes to a very particular specification or just find baking from scratch therapeutic then, of course, make it from scratch!

How Much Cake Mix In a Bag?

Our cake mixes contain 500g in a bag & are suitable for making one cake, 24 cupcakes or 12 muffins! All you need to do is add some water and a touch of vegetable oil.