All Your Christmas Bakes From Start to Finish!


Sure, we all love gifts and family time but let’s be honest, the best part of Christmas is 100% the food! It’s the one time of year during which it’s not only accepted but encouraged to overindulge in a rich concoction of sweet and savoury delights. From pigs in blankets to Christmas pudding, there’s something for everyone to love.

Christmas is the perfect occasion to utilise your baking skills – there’s such a range of possibilities it can be hard to pick which to go for! This year, we have researched for you and drawn up this tasty timeline of bakes that will wow your guests from Christmas Eve right up until Boxing Day.


Christmas Eve – Mince Pies

We’ve got to start with the classic – after all, you want your mince pies to be fresh out the oven and ready to leave out for Santa Claus! Love them or hate them, there’s no arguing that they are a Christmas staple. Go for a traditional mince pie with this recipe from BBC Good Food,

Or how about adding a twist to the Christmas staple by trying "mince pie cupcakes" click here to see the recipe, I love these!

Try this mincemeat Danish pastry pinwheels recipe for something fancy Danish Pastry Pinwheels





Christmas Day

2 pm – Traditional Christmas Pudding

There’s something very special about finishing off your Christmas dinner with a bowl of hot homemade Christmas pud.

The age-old question is – traditional rum sauce, cream or custard?

Whatever your preference, Christmas pudding will always be a highlight of the day. Why not try this recipe from Delia Online. Remember to make your pudding in advance – it will need plenty of time to sit and bring out that rich deliciousness!

4 pm – Christmas Cake

Why is it that normal hunger seems to go out of the window during the festive season? One minute, you’re laying on the sofa post-dinner vowing you will never feel hungry again, and before you know it, it’s late afternoon and low and behold, you’re starting to feel a bit peckish. Now is the time to bring out the Christmas cake. Give this fancy recipe from our British sweetheart Mary Berry a whirl Mary Berry's classic Xmas cake

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8 pm – Shortbread (with a nice cup of tea, of course!)

A fluffy, homemade shortbread is the perfect palette cleanser after a day of rich culinary delights. Perfect for eating in front of a Christmas movie, with a nice cup of tea once the chaos of the day is over. Put your feet up and enjoy this simple yet classic favourite. Try this recipe from Jamie Oliver.



Boxing Day - Christmas Cookies!

Even when Christmas day is over, there’s always room for a bit more! Cookies are great to make with the kids – how about cooking up a batch yourself and leaving them to add their creative flair to the decorations. Why not try Nigella’s Christmas chocolate cookies ?

They’re easy to make after a long few days of baking, fun for the kids to help decorate with Christmas sprinkles but certainly no less homely and comforting.

Enjoy your Bakes & Have A fun Christmas x