4 top tips to ice Your Cake Like a pro!

Our tips to help you ice your cake like a professional!

Is there any feeling worse than putting all your time, love and energy into baking a beautiful cake, only for it to be sabotaged by an icing failure? Unfortunately, icing can be a bit of a challenge and even all-out disastrous if you’re not fully prepared. We scoured the internet for the best hacks to ensure the icing on your cake is, well, the icing on the cake!

  1. Get yourself a makeshift turntable. When it comes to even icing, a turntable is an absolute godsend. Luckily, if you don’t have one at hand, there are a few DIY options. The most readily available of these is the humble microwave plate, which most households in this day and age have. For more information on how to make this hack work best, and other nifty homemade turntable ideas, take a look at this article " Makeshift Turntables". If you’re looking to invest in a more user-friendly option, why not try our ‘cake decorating icing turntable’, currently on sale for just £8.99! Take a look HERE

  2. Start with a ‘crumb coat’. A ‘crumb coat’ is essentially a thin initial layer of butter icing which holds in crumbs and smooths the cake’s surface, helping you apply the final layer seamlessly. Make sure to keep removing excess frosting and crumbs from your spatula throughout the process, but don’t stress about this first layer looking perfect! 

  3. Make sure your cake (and icing) is the right temperature. Room temperature, that is. This is quite a well-known rule of cake decoration, but we know how tempting it can be to get going as soon as possible. Resist this urge, you will thank yourself for it later. The last thing you want is your icing melting and ruining your creation. Trust us, this is a disaster worth avoiding.

  4. Dip your spatula in warm water for a smooth finish. I found this nifty trick on this forum "Thrifty", and it really seems like one of those quirky little hacks that get lovingly passed down the generations. The warm water effectively prevents bits of the cake from sticking to your spatula, allowing for a super smooth and clean finish for butter icing. For an even more professional look, why not pick up one of our smoother tools for as little as 89p? Take a look HERE 

Don't forget, do not get stressed, a perfect cake tastes just the same as a cake that is, well, just not quite as perfect :)


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